Monday, April 26, 2010

New York State Museum

April 25, 2010

Kind of a cloudy, rainy day today.  A perfect day for an indoor activity.  We made our first visit to the New York State Museum.  A trip I highly recommend.  For free (or a suggested $2 donation), you can explore their exhibits all afternoon.

Today we specifically went to see 'Seeing Ourselves: Masterpieces of American Photography from the George Eastman House Collection'. The show is at the museum through May 9th, 2010. If you can get there - go.

I've seen some of the pictures displayed -iconic photos depicting the depression, war, politics, scenery.  But the quality and depth are worth seeing them up close and personal.  I love Ansel Adams' work. I know - I know - how easy - he's probably the best known - but I cannot get past the depth of field and clear focus...amazing.

The display 'Women Who Rocked the Vote' is also showing in the lobby

By the way- parking is free on weekends and after 3:00.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shameless Plug- Studio Orlo 4th Anniversary Bash

My hair dresser's studio had a big four year anniversary bash on Saturday, April 24th.  It was a nice party and customers, guests, staff and family were present. Even the Albany Trolley made an appearance!

No kidding though- the ladies in the shop do a great job and are so friendly.

If anyone is looking to get their hair cut in Niskayuna, I highly recommend them. 

When George and Jeanne visited for a weekend, we had appointments.  George mentioned he needed a trim so I sent him off to the shop with Carol.  He loved the attention and the girls just loved George....go figure!

In the picture to the left is Alice - She owns the shop.  She is standing with her daughter Angela and her sister.

                  In the right hand picture and to the right - the lovely young lady is Sarah- Our wizard of a Hair Dresser!  Sarah is talking to her mom.  


The dapper man responsible for bringing the Albany Trolley to the event is Sarah's dad. He just got off work and brought it home with him! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

International Night Schenectady City School District

April 22, 2010

There is so much good happening with kids that no one ever hears about. We went to the International Night at Schenectady High School on Thursday April 22nd. It was nice! And entertaining!

They booked some fine entertainment; a Dance Troupe from Union College, Steel Drum Band from Hamilton Hill, Talented Dance Performer from SHS and an equally talented SHS Piano Player!

The World Languages Department added in some booths encouraging kids to take a foreign language.  Informative and tasty! Yummy a Creperie!  And of course, food - lots of food!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve - Another visit!

April 19, 2010
I do like walking after work. Its been cool but the sun was out to start with- the clouds started to gather as evening matured. We went back to the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve. We don't walk far but we do get out there. This time we went into the Preserve from the Whipple Iron Truss Bridge. It’s a restored 1852 bridge over the old Erie Canal.

The area between the old canal and the Mohawk is wetland. We heard a lot of birds but will need to bring the binoculars next time to see them.

Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve

April 17, 2010

Stopped for lunch.  The Half-Moon Diner was a pleasant surprise! We enjoyed the diner, the service and the food. We both ordered 'Greek' which caught the attention of our waitress. She told us all about the upcoming Greek Festivals in Albany (May) and Troy (June). She also gave a resounding recommendation for the September Greek Festival at her own church St George's in Schenectady.

Drove the Scenic Byway home -- we stopped at Clute's Dry Dock entrance to the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve. We walked along the canal for a little while following the old tow path. Though a cold day, the sun was out and the wind was quiet.

Another neat Capital Region attraction, the Nature Preserve is 600 acres and includes the area between Riverview Road and the Mohawk River in the Town of Clifton Park. It contains a section of the original 1825 Erie Canal and Towpath (where we entered). The preserve is open from dawn to dusk.

There are several points of entry from Clute's Dry Dock site to Ferry Drive in Vischer Ferry. The main entrance is at the intersection of VanVranken and Riverview Road. We entered at Clute's Dry Dock.

There were Forget-me-nots and Dogwood trees.

We have to go back in a few weeks because much of the path is lined with day-lilies.

Landis Arboretum

April 7, 2010

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
It had to be 82-83 degrees today, some kind of record for April 7th....
So a good day for a ride to see trees.

The Landis Arboretum is a 548 acre private estate in Esperance NY, about 45 minutes southwest of Niskayuna off route 7. Its a living-breathing tree museum. For $5, you get to wander from dawn till dusk.....

Seriously, we chose a short loop (the Landis Trail), afterall we are still recuperating from our winter hibernation state.Check out their website:

I took the new camera - so you get to see some visuals.....

This beauty of a tree is a European Hornbeam--really!
Its from the birch family. Its branches reach out every which way and it has a looong reach....

These trees were not marked that I saw.
But the blossom looks familiar. I am guessing its a magnolia.

These pretty little flowers were blooming wild in a terrace garden they are building.
They were under the shade of some very big eastern pines


But to get back to trees, I am just in awe of the blossoms trees can produce.

We were too early for the Lilacs, Rhododendrons and Crabapples.
So I guess we'll just have to go back...Next time, I wear my muck boots though -
I got my new sneakers dirty...

Central Park-Schenectady

April 5, 2010

Its spring break week
On the list of 'things to do' was to walk in Central Park. Though the weather is wonderful, the plants are just waking up. Signs of spring are slowly making their way to surface....

The ducks and geese are back.

This couple wandered around the 'Duck Pond' never more than a few inches away from each other.

They kept a close eye on the kids tossing bread, but never entered the fray.... later, they wandered to shore and found the left overs.

The colors of these Wood Ducks are so vibrant... Iridescent blues and greens.

The geese were more solitary in a way. They congregated in a larger group but it seemed they fended for themselves. Noisy bunch.
They reminded me a bit of seagulls in the way they flocked to whichever part of the pond the kids were. Recognized the handouts right away...

Maple Weekend

March 21, 2010


What a lovely day...

We found ourselves on the Maple Weekend (go to -  We planned 5 stops - we made it to 3.  Enjoyed talking to the owner/farmers and seeing how they each do things just a little different.  Boil the sap with wood? …With oil? …With propane?

We are pretty sure that the folks who own this Sugar Shack on Sagendorf Corners Road don't heat with any of the above any more!
We did do more than smell, taste and buy the maple syrup...I took my new camera to play!
We found old cemeteries, rushing creeks and waterfalls, covered bridges...
This cemetery was on Crasper Road by Maple Hill Farms (our first stop).  These folks went all out with hayrides, a balloon man and a nice tour. The woman giving the tour was the fifth generation of her family farming and sugaring this farm.
Our next stop was Stone House Farms-- They were all set up for pancake breakfasts and still open when we got there! Yumm...

Our last stop (though we didn't know it at the time) was Wood Homestead.  Well-- these were about the nicest folks ever...Probably the most modern of the sugaring operations but they made sure to keep the friendly touches in place- themselves...
We stopped and ate our picnic by waterfalls on the corner of Route 12 and Blenheim Hill Road.  The creeks around the area are just bursting with water.  This particular juncture is where two creeks meet.  It was a lovely spot.  You would never guess that Route 12 was right next to those falls.  The rush of the water seems to bring you into another place....

Just down the road was the Blenheim Covered Bridge over Schoharie Creek. 
We spent so much time at those two spots -we ran out of time for anymore sugar shack stops. 
But a wonderful day none-the-less.